While some dogs are working animals, many are pets that are treated more like another member of the family. Dog owners seek out better quality pet food, take their dogs on family trips, and even include their pups in special events such as weddings or photo shoots. One of the biggest trends for dog owners is pet apparel: t-shirts, sweaters, bandanas, and booties can all be found online and in stores that sell clothing for people as well as pets. Here are some of the reasons why pet owners may get dog clothes for their good boys and girls.

Safety First

Pet apparel can have a purpose beyond canine fashion. Depending on where you live, you may look for dog clothes to provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays or chemicals such as pesticides or ice-melt that may cover walking surfaces. Boat owners may invest in a dog life-vest to keep their pups safe when on the water. Hunters who take their dogs with them may get collars or bandanas in bright orange to protect their pups when outdoors. Hikers and campers may look for booties that give their dogs better traction when on uneven terrain. Many of these items have a practical purpose to protect dogs when they are out and about.

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Comfort Second

Different dog breeds may be better suited to particular environments, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they live in those areas. Dog owners may have dogs with thick coats in hot climates or dogs bred for warm weather in colder climates. Items such as rain jackets, sweaters, and coats may be necessary if you live in areas where the winter may be more intense than your dog’s fur can handle. Keeping your canine comfortable any time of year can add to a pet’s quality of life.

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Fashion Third 

Let’s face it: fashionable pets are adorable! Dog apparel can take your bond with man’s best friend to another level with matching t-shirts or pajamas, holiday costumes, and other fun clothing. Pet fashion is a big industry, as pet owners can find nearly any niche of interest or passion reflected in clothing options for their dogs. Whether you are looking for dog couture, trendy fashion, classic pieces, or funny t-shirts, you can find practically anything to fit dogs of every size and shape.

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