It was an overwhelming evening. OI held onto Bobby as though I was holding on to life. The Hammers were beating us to it for the third time this year alone and for the eleventh time in this competition. If we lose again, I bet I was going to cry myself to bed. My favorite team was lacking the enthusiasm to win. I never imagined what happened next.

I had gotten Bobby all dressed in his jersey for the first time. He was all excited. He barked and purred, obviously happy at being involved in the game. The soccer jerseys for dogs had been pitched to me by a friend and I decided to check it out. Measuring Bobby, I promptly ordered for his size from Sporty Dog Wears. The fabric was soft in texture but was great quality and in my critical opinion, it was expertly sewn to cater for its durability. It was quite easy to put it on the dog.

There certainly is something inspirational about soccer jerseys for dogs. It looked to the opposing team like every soccer lover in the event was supporting our team. It was the 75th minute and Bobby whelped and barked furiously at the Hammers’ midfielder – Simon. So much that the midfielder almost felt intimidated by Bobby’s irritation at their seeming victory. That was like a spark. Bobby kept on doing this each time the opponent had the ball. My team began to gain confidence. And in the 89th minute, Hughes, our striker leveled for us. He came rushing at Bobby and gave him a tight hug. We eventually won the penalty shootout, thanks to the Bobby (jersey) advantage.