NFL dog jerseyGetting ready every season to support our favorite NFL and College Team on Game Days is always a fun time in our house! My mom is a HUGE football fan and Alabama and New England are her favorite teams. She goes out every year to order all this football gear for dogs. Her two four legged kids run around the house wearing their New England NFL dog jersey while playing with their Alabama toy footballs. When they bark she will say “that’s right babies, keep cheering for our Team!”

I can see why my mom loves this time of year. There is nothing like being with family and friends, having everyone cheering loudly for our favorite football teams while watching these dogs of hers run around the house in their NFL dog jersey barking in excitement.. The funniest sight of all for me is before half time when we look around and see that one dog is crashed out on their New England Patriot dog bed and the other one is on their Alabama dog bed. This lasts until half time snacks come out, then they both jump up ready to eat and go again!

Yep, we love this time of year!